Can Wood Flooring Add Value To Your Home?


Homeowners are forever looking for ways to increase the value of their home; adding extensions, removing dated features, converting lofts. But is there one simple decorating decision that you could make which would instantly see the price of your home climb?

We’ve explored many of the benefits of wood flooring, and it’s clear that, as an interior choice, you can’t really go wrong when investing in hardwood floors, especially because this is one of the easiest ways to add value to your property.

First of all, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who takes issue to hardwood floors. It’s far less ‘controversial’ and more universally appealing than any other interior design decision, so when it comes time to sell, buyers are not likely to be put off by reading that the home is decked out in hardwood floors. In fact, this is more likely to draw people in. 
Wood floors are preferable, especially in family homes, because of their easy maintenance, lower allergens and durability. 

Consequently, a house that is carpeted may be considered a bit of a ‘project’ by buyers because they are more likely to want to rip it out and replace it with wood floors, which is an additional cost that they would consider before making an offer.
Whereas, a home that has wood floors already bought and installed requires less work or additional costs for the buyer after the fact, so they would be more inclined to put in a higher offer.

Even if the wood flooring is a little worn and in need of some TLC, it can easily be refurbished without having to rip it all out and start again. The flooring can be sanded down and refinished, leaving it looking as good as new and with no major expensive or inconvenience.

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In a recent survey by the National Wood Flooring Association, 80% of estate agents agree that installing wood floors increases home value by 1% - 10%. 
Bear in mind that, adding wood flooring alone won’t mark up the value of your home that greatly, and there are many other factors that will play just as an important role in the value of your home than the flooring. An estate agent won’t see wood floors and think, ‘this adds £5,000 to the value of this home’, but it would be taken into consideration along with other factors such as number of bedrooms, garden size, parking, location etc.
The age, condition and type of wood flooring in relation to the decor in the rest of the room, also plays a part in the final evaluation.

To summarise, the decision to install wood flooring in your home will play a big role in the saleability and value of your home. 
Thanks to the universal appeal of wood flooring, it will:

  1. Attract more buyers

  2. Make your home quicker/easier to sell

  3. Encourage higher offers from buyers

  4. Be a factor in the final evaluation of your home

So, if you were ever in any doubt as to whether or not you should opt for wood flooring (as opposed to vinyl, tiles or carpet) in your home, then the potential increase in resale value alone should be enough to persuade you.

When we install wood flooring, we ensure that it will last for decades, so you are truly getting your money’s worth. This guarantees that, when/if the time comes to sell, your flooring will still be in excellent condition and show potential buyers that you have taken care of your home.

If you want further expert advice on adding wood flooring to your home and how to pick the right one for each room, then you can book an appointment with us on 0121 684 4772 or email

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Author and CEO

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