the process

We provide a bespoke service for our clients by giving personalised advice on choosing and then installing the perfect wood floor.

Our team consists of dedicated, knowledgable and passionate people and we work closely with a small team of skilled craftsman to ensure a seamless process from initial consultation to final installation. 



When you call us, we will give you the time to find out your thoughts and ideas about which type of wood floor you would like. With this in mind, we will come to visit you with a number of options which fit with your requirements, and we will help advice you in choosing the correct wood floor. At this time we will also carry out a full survey and may be able to supply you with a quotation for the installation.  

We completely understand that sometimes one visit isn't enough, and we're happy to come back with different samples if required.


choosing your floor 

Once you've chosen the floor that is right for you, we can work out a fitting schedule to work around your schedule. All of our work is completed within four weeks, but we can speed things up even further if needed.

As many of our floors are bespoke products, we ask for a 50% deposit when you place the order, with the remainder due when you are completely happy and the installation is complete. 

floor installation.png


A typical installation will take three days, but this is very dependant on the type of flooring being installed and how much work is required for the sub floor. 

We work with a small team of experienced craftsmen who specialise in wood flooring.