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6 Points to Consider When Preparing your Wood Floor for Sanding

Rob Patwary

Rob Patwary

May 24, 2022

So, you’ve taken the decision to get your wooden floors sanded by the professionals. Whilst all the work required to fully prepare your floor for sanding will be taken care of by the company you’ve chosen, there are a few factors to consider, to ensure it’s a completely smooth operation from start to finish! It may well depend on which areas you’re planning to have sanded but take a look at our top 6 points to consider when preparing your wooden floors for sanding.

  1. If the floor sanding is part of a bigger refurbishment project, as it often is, leaves the floors until last. For example, any carpentry, plumbing, glazing or plastering should all be scheduled in the diary before the wood floor sanding. Inner Space Flooring are well used to working closely with their clients. They will do their utmost in order to flexibly fit any planned work into a client’s existing schedule.
  2. If you’re intending to decorate any of the rooms in which you’re planning to sand the floors, make sure the painting is done beforehand. By planning ahead, this will ensure that any odd splashes will get sanded away when the flooring work takes place.
  3. If you have any particularly sensitive pets or, indeed, neighbours, you might want to take action ahead of time, to avoid any issues. For instance, it’s always a good idea to let neighbours know of any projects due to take place. Although there won’t be too much disruption, a quick word about the fact they might hear some noise might just save you hassle in the long run! Equally, taking a nervous dog or cat to the kennels for a couple of days can save you a lot of worries.
  4. Clear your rooms of larger furniture wherever possible and remove any valuable items. Whilst it’s not necessary to take down wall hanging pictures, you might want to put away curtains alongside any rugs.
  5. Any professional company worth their salt will use equipment which keeps any dust to an absolute minimum. However, if you’re sanding a kitchen floor, you might want to consider keeping all the counters clear and all food sealed and put away.
  6. Finally, be prepared to keep off any floor which has been sanded for at least 4 hours in the case of areas where the lacquer has been applied and 12 hours where oil has been applied. Furthermore, it’s worth leaving replacing any rugs for up to two weeks, if at all possible, as they can make impressions on a newly oiled floor.

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