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Flooring Trends 23/24

Jennifer Suzanne

Jennifer Suzanne

June 02, 2023

One of the most asked questions as an interior designer is what flooring should I choose! To help get you started I have outlined the flooring trends you can expect to see in 2023.

When choosing flooring (whether it is for a hallway, kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom) choose the overall style you want to create with your flooring from contemporary and modern design to warm and traditional. The type of flooring you decide on will have that instant impact to your interior ‘look and feel’ and is a design element you will keep for a number of years so choosing the right flooring can be tricky.

Other things to consider when updating your flooring is your everyday lifestyle as flooring needs to compliment your everyday living; any children or pets require a hardwearing flooring type that needs to be stain resistant, easy to clean, or less likely to scratch easily. Also think about the sunlight factor as too much sun can damage a wood floor and the noise factor.

Budget is also key as flooring types and designs can range in price per square meter and this will be a big portion of the budget in terms of the quantities required. So considering the purchase and installation costs when choosing flooring is vital.


In recent client projects I have been sourcing more natural, sustainable, hand crafted carpets for their homes.

Sustainable carpet material crafted from renewable materials such as wool, sisal and sea grass. These natural products are less harmful to the environment.

Wool carpet is a fantastic product for our homes and is a natural renewable source as each sheep grows a new fleece every year. Wool is the coat of a sheep or goat and spring is the time of year when all fleece is shorn off the animals and the protein fibre is carded and spun into yarns for textile products.

Wool carpet is a great insulator with many benefits from soft, easy to clean, a natural dirt repellent and hardwearing in high traffic areas.

Working in collaboration with world leaders of environmentally friendly carpets, I have a variety of patterns, textures and colour carpet samples for your interior carpet projects.



Checkerboard is making a come back, as recently suggested in House Beautiful magazine hottest flooring trends for 2023.

Whilst traditionally monochrome, we are also seeing modern alternative using a variety of playful colour schemes. They are a great way to add pattern and visual interest to a room, and they look especially good in hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

I recently worked with a client to transform a utility boot room space and a checkerboard floor tiles was used for the flooring. This flooring style added a timeless, heritage feel that complimented the rest of the farmhouse interiors.


Timeless terracotta tiles never really goes out of fashion and its warm, earthy, rustic, raw colour is traditional lived-in design. To add a contemporary twist, lay the terracotta tile in a herringbone pattern.’


Porcelain stone tiles in natural tones are coming back in – classic, chalky, softer tones will reflect the landscape around us. Stone finishes are set to make a statement and remain a top choice in 2023.


Don’t be afraid to inject vibrant shades and contemporary geometric flooring patterns into your home or commercial space.

Decorative geometric tiles draw the eye in and create a statement feature. Team with neutral paint shades and let the flooring command the attention.


Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley



‘Natural, earthy, raw’ colours and texture all create the perfect ambience to relax and unwind. There’s no better way to complement a relaxing space than with natural wood flooring.

Timeless wooden styles patterns such as parquet and herringbone influenced designs to add depth and character. Throughout 2023, we expect wooden aesthetics in herringbone to remain a popular choice. Herringbone can really open up a space as it’s a flowing pattern so can make the illusion of the room is bigger.

Remember to focus on getting your proportions right, for smaller spaces, lighter floors in small size herringbone, for open plan large spaces, choose wide planks or oversize herringbone or chevron design.

‘Artefact’ Cube pattern

If you want to express your individual style in your flooring choice, cube flooring is a great option. I have selected this ‘artefact cube’ style wood-flooring pattern as trending styles for 2023/24.

The cube floor will look stunning in your entrance hallway or commercial property foyer.

‘Noir’ Dark wood

Striking dark wooden flooring instantly creates mystery and drama. Reflecting on the ‘film noir’ genre of escapism. Dark wooden flooring colour is a powerful flooring trend that is bold and beautiful and looks fantastic paired with a polished brass feature strip.

Dark wooden floor in a living room space complimented the floor with fabrics, contemporary lighting and furnishings.

Wood Flooring

Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley


As the development of tile technology continues, we now have the option avaliable to choose the same tile material for a smooth, seamless transition from inside to outside.

Enhancing our connection between the home and nature, which has become important to the homeowner to have their exterior and interiors complimenting one another.

As a designer I collaborate with tile specification experts in the beginning of the build project to help give advise to source the best product.

It’s important to know if the indoor tile is suitable for outdoors and it is anti slip and weather frost proof. I can recommend the Venistone 20mm is a suitable indoor and outdoor tile choice and is available in 5 colours.

Inner Space Flooring

If you would like any information on what has been included in today's post, then do not hesitate to contact Jennifer via her email jennifer@jennifersuzanne.co.uk