Points to Consider when Choosing Wood Floor Colours

Stephanie Evans

Stephanie Evans

February 16, 2024

5 min read

Whilst everything in your home, from furniture to soft furnishings, is evidently a matter of personal preference, initially investing in the right colour choice of wooden floor will help to ensure the floor serves you well for years to come.

Whatever your preferences, there are 3 main points to consider with regard to choosing the right colour for your wood floors.

1. Style of Your Home

If you’re home is minimalist, you may want to go for a contrasting statement colour or alternatively tone in with softer, lighter choices. While the size of block and intricacy of the pattern will both have an impact, the colour will potentially have the greatest effect of all. If your home has key pieces of furniture or perhaps statement artwork or wallpaper, use these as your guide for choosing complementary floor colours.

2. Room Size

Even if you’re a fan of darker colours, if you have a small living area, give much consideration to opting for lighter colour wood floors. By doing so, you’ll find the area opens up considerably and will feel more airy, giving the illusion of a larger space. Conversely, should you want to make a larger area feel more cosy without cluttering the space, a darker floor colour can add a welcome warmth.

3. Available Lighting

Just like the size of room, the lighting in any room will have a bearing on what floor colour to choose. If you are lucky enough to have lots of natural light flooding in, a darker colour floor can look dramatic and highly effective. Alternatively, a greater reliance on artificial lighting might suggest opting for a lighter colour wood floor, bringing a brighter sense of space to your living area.

As wood floors can last a lifetime, it’s advisable to look beyond current colour trends. Therefore, be sure to take your time in choosing what is best suited for the age and style of the property; your needs surrounding family and pets and the space and lighting available. The team at Inner Space Flooring like nothing better than helping clients make these choices and offer colour samples to help you make the right choice which can be ordered here.