Update on our Showroom

Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward

July 31, 2023

Last year we opened up our new showroom in Kings Norton business park. This is something we have been very excited about and have been growing ever since. The new showroom has allowed us to create a base for the company and we can expand the services we provide to our clients – enhancing their experiences.


Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley
Inner space flooring galley

Having this showroom has allowed us to welcome clients and designers coming in to see the products we have in person. This allows them to be explore their options more and have the opportunity to fulfil the visions they have of their space. Spending the time with the clients and designers can result in a rapport being developed and will make our work together run much more efficiently. Holding these initial meetings within the showroom makes it a lot more personable compared to only communicating via online or the phone. If you are a client and wanting to find out more information regarding the products and services we provide, then feel free to pop in and visit us!

One of the main benefits we have noticed since opening the showroom is having a central hub for the team. We are able to hold team meetings here and talk/see each other. As we are constantly working on various projects, it is rare that we all are able to be in the same place and bond as a team. Team meetings are important to ensure that every member is up to date on any crucial information and we are able to strengthen communication.

As well as being able to improve our relationships with our clients and with the team as a whole, we have also been working on establishing connections with the neighbouring showrooms in this business park. These neighbours are:

  • Finesse Windows
  • Dulux Decorator Centre
  • CTD Tiles
  • Screwfix

By establishing professional connections with these businesses, we are able to create a better experience for our clients as we can work together when needed. Definitely check out these other businesses to fulfil your projects.

Inner Space Flooring

We do have some stock flooring available to go at our showroom. An example of one that we have available is the Panaget Bois Flotte 139 Zenitude. This is a lovely option to consider when thinking about what type of flooring you would like to use. Panaget is engineered wood flooring that we work with and use often. ‘Bois flotte’ means driftwood and it is a very natural looking flooring. If this is something you are interested in, then be sure to pop into our showroom and view the flooring in person whilst meeting a member of our team.

If you have any questions about these floor laying techniques or would like to discuss how we can meet your wood flooring needs, then be sure to contact us by email info@innerspaceflooring.co.uk , phone 01216844772, or even pop into our showroom:

Inner Space Flooring,

UNIT 40 Sovereign Rd,

Kings Norton Business Centre,


B30 3HN.