Collaborative Home Renovation

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The Brief

A collaborative project involving a skilled, professional design and build company alongside our team, focused on installing a new floor as part of a comprehensive home renovation. The project aimed to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Inner Space Flooring

Our Approach

It was important to communicate effectively with the builder and lend them our expertise to deliver a customised experience for their client without causing any stress or time delays.

Inner Space Flooring

Our Expertise

Our state of the art lab houses an extensive range of unfinished oaks as well as the best machinery allowing us to achieve our expert colour matching service.

We produced full sized sample boards showcasing a variety of colours and textures to facilitate a smooth customisation process for the client.

Inner Space Flooring

The Result

With the full confidence of the client our team were then able to liaise with the builder about finishing touches around both sliding and critical doors.

Inner Space Flooring