Multi-level Restoration

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The Brief

An ambitious renovation project of a mid-century building. Our team were brought in to restore oak flooring in 92 student bedrooms, 5 staircases, 110m2 of corridor as well as install new parquet flooring in two dining halls.

A key aspect was to preserve the original aesthetic of the building so we set out to reclaim flooring where possible and use materials sympathetic to the renovation.

inner space flooring
inner space flooring
inner space flooring

The Bedrooms

Here, we restored oak strip flooring, addressing areas of rot by replacing with reclaimed or new wood to match. We also removed concrete patches and collaborated with the soft flooring team to install restored door thresholds.

Each of the 92 bedrooms received a final touch of high- quality hardware oil, ensuring a pristine finish.

inner space flooring
inner space flooring
inner space flooring

The Staircase

For the five two-storey staircases, we recommended removing the wood flooring cladding to restore the original surface, which we carefully refurbished.

Since the pine stairs had a slightly different color, we expertly matched them to the building's decor, ensuring seamless integration with the surroundings.

Inner Space Flooring

The Dining Room

In the expansive dining halls spanning 180m2 each, our focus was on transforming the space with elegance and durability.

Beginning with chipboard subflooring, we meticulously laid down new solid wood parquet blocks, each carefully restored to perfection with a plain lacquer finish.

Our attention to detail extended to the installation of several access panels within the flooring, ensuring easy access to underfloor electronics while preserving the aesthetic integrity of the space.

Inner Space Flooring

The Common Room

In the 40m2 reception room was more chipboard subflooring, here we installed new solid wood parquet blocks to match the dining rooms. This ensured cohesiveness throughout the communal areas.

To maintain access to underfloor electrics, we strategically installed access panels in the flooring further enhancing the functionality of this floor.

The Result

Our onsite project management played a pivotal role, orchestrating coordination among various trades and offering insights to optimise efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Beyond the completion of the project, our team provided invaluable advice on the ongoing maintenance of these newly rejuvenated floors, ensuring their longevity and continued appeal.

Through meticulous planning, dedication to preserving architectural heritage, and expertise in flooring solutions, we contributed to the successful transformation of the university halls, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal for generations to come.