Natural Wood Grades

Learn about the different wood floor grades we offer.

Prime Grade

Our natural wood flooring supplied in prime grade wood, is a clear grade with a mixture of natural grain visible.

With occasional pin knots less than 10mm. Within the sapwood there is minimum edge and core.

As with our rustic wood finish there is a natural variation in colour, but with no heart wood.

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Rustic Grade

Thinking of a rustic wood finish?

Our rustic natural wood flooring, is complete with a mixture of natural grain and knots. With healthy sound knots up-to 70mm with dead knots up-to 35mm and holes firmly filled.

With minimal edge and core sapwood.

When it comes to the colours a natural slight variation is possible with some heart wood.

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Learn more about our bespoke wood textures and treatments

Inner Space Flooring offer you endless combinations of surface treatments to create your bespoke wood floor.

Here are the options available.

Our fumed and smoked colours are achieved through a process which reacts with the natural tannins in the oak and although we use controlled processes, the final colours are dictated by nature and not by using pigmented stains.

Please be aware that when you buy smoked or fumed oak there will be a large variation in colour, this is the beauty of having these stunning floors.


Removing the soft grain enhances the texture of the timber.

Available in light, medium or heavy brushed.

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Aged & Tumbled

Each piece of flooring is tumbled to

achieve an authentic aged look to the edges and surface of the timber.

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Our bandsawn floors have traditional cut marks across the face of the floor and particularly suit retail and commercial projects.

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100 % Fumed - tones of deep dark brown / black

Inner Space Flooring

Light Smoked

Surface smoked - tones of light to medium brown.

Inner Space Flooring

Medium Smoked

Surface smoked - tones of medium to dark brown.

Inner Space Flooring

Dark Smoked

Surface smoked - tones of dark brown.

Inner Space Flooring

UV Oil Finish

UV cured hardwax oil.
Available in Extra Matt, Satin & Gloss finishes.

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