Wood Floor Trends

The Wood Flooring Trends of 2023

Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward

March 14, 2023

The big wood flooring trend of 2023 is sustainability. Now more than ever, we are all keen to play our part in protecting the environment, so it’s no surprise that this trend would show up in the world of wood flooring too.

Here are three key ways this push towards sustainability will show up in wood flooring in 2023.

1. Restoring existing wood floors

At Inner Space Flooring we love restoring existing flooring – it means using existing materials rather than new. It’s often cheaper for the client, as well as better for the environment. We’ve written several blogs already on the benefits of restoration, and how to maintain your restored wood floor.

2. EU-sourced wood

In recent years, China has become an increasingly big exporter of wood materials for flooring. It’s even common for wood grown in the EU to be shipped to China to be processed before being sent back to be sold. At Inner Space Flooring, our own range of flooring is grown in the EU and manufactured in Britain. This means a reduced carbon footprint as the wood has travelled far less distance. There are also robust sustainability programmes in place across Europe in the form of the European Union Timber Regulations. This can provide you with assurance that you are using the most ethically sourced managed forests.

3. Laying thinner planks

A lot of clients are opting to use thinner planks for their wood floors, to make the best use of raw materials. Choosing thinner planks means there is less waste, as more of the wood is able to be used. It can also be cheaper than using thicker planks.

Another trend we are anticipating is our clients wanting their wood flooring to look as natural as possible. Choosing a timeless, natural look for your wood floor means your floor will never begin to look dated or go out of fashion. What we’re seeing is the popularity of ultra matt lacquers and oils being used which give a very natural unfinished look.

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