Wood Floor Maintenance

What to do after a wood floor restoration

Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward

July 04, 2022

3 min read

With having wood flooring, giving your floor a bit of love once in a while will keep it looking beautiful for years. After having your wood flooring newly restored, it is important to ensure that it stays in the best condition as a well-maintained floor can last many years.

One part of wood floor restoration is having a lacquered finish. The purpose of lacquered finish is so that the flooring is given a durable and water-resistant finish. One thing to be mindful of is the moisture exposure to the wood flooring. Moisture can cause damage to the lacquer surface, resulting in cracks between the floorboards. To try and minimise the damage to the lacquer, it is important to not mop for 14 days after the lacquered finish is applied. Furthermore, with the avoidance of moisture damage, it is vital to wipe up any spillages and potential moisture. By being wary of the moisture levels being exposed to the flooring, you will be able to avoid it being stained.

As moisture can be bad for the flooring, it is recommended to buy soft bristled cleaning supplies. Using these brushes, you are able to regularly sweep up any dirt, dust and grit that can lead to your floors getting inevitably scratched by the grit being walked over. Even being careful with removing shoes when entering houses, bringing in dust and grains of grit is inevitable. Doormats are a great way of minimising the grit being brought into your house. It is possible that not everything will be collected off the floor when brushing it. Therefore, we recommend that vacuuming is also a good way to stop the crumbs scratching the floors. Vacuuming wont expose the flooring to any moisture, so it is a good alternative. All in all, it is important to stop the dust and grains to settle between the floorboards.

Furniture can be very harmful to wood flooring. By moving the furniture across the floor it can be scratched easily, leading to your flooring becoming damaged. To reduce the likelihood of your newly restored flooring getting scratched, we recommend that you wait 2-3 days before placing your furniture back into your rooms. However, this will only slightly reduce the damage that could potentially happen to the new flooring. To minimise this damage, felt covers for furniture legs that get moved across the floors a lot (such as tables and chair legs) are a good way to prevent the flooring getting repeatedly scratched. This is an inexpensive way to properly look after your wood floors and can lead to the lifespan of the flooring being increased.

Also, there are specialist wood care products that you can purchase and use to maintain the excellent finished look of your wooden flooring. There are many wood floor cleaners to choose from and integrate into your house cleaning routine on a regular basis. These products generally have a low pH level as harsh chemicals can ruin flooring and leave it not looking as good as it can be. Wax is also a good way of making sure that the seal on your flooring stays durable and can protect the wood. A lot of these products will need moisture to help them, so it is important that you are mindful with the amount of moisture and don’t overuse these products.

Whilst it may seem scary that the flooring needs a high level of care, this helps your house look the best it can and with the tips above, your wood flooring will be greatly maintained.