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What Is Mansion Weave?

Rob Patwary

Rob Patwary

August 27, 2020

We’ve taken a look at a number of different wood flooring patterns that are on the market and available for you to choose from, including herringbone, chevron and versailles panels, if you’re looking for something other than the standard installation of vertical or horizontal wood strips.

There are a few other flooring patterns that can spice up your home if the more popular styles don’t suit your needs.

One of these is known as mansion weave, and it’s yet another type of parquet floor design that is slightly less common, and more complex, than herringbone.
It’s arguably more interesting than herringbone too as the grain runs in three different directions.

Mansion weave, as with all parquetry, dates back to 17th Century France and takes its name from where it originates which is in palaces and other grand homes (i.e. mansions) along with the fact that it looks like the traditional weave pattern used in textile production.

The design itself is made up of sections of polygons and small trapezoids that taper at one end to create a beautiful, uniform pattern which, typically, works best without a border.

See an example of what mansion weave looks like below:

Inner Space Flooring

It’s important to note that mansion weave is a more expensive option for wood flooring as there are three different boards to manufacture and the floor preparation required to get things level before fitting can be extensive.

What spaces work best with mansion weave?

Mansion weave is a more intricate and complex pattern, so, to get the most out of it, it works best in large open spaces, especially in commercial buildings such as hotel lobbies and office spaces.

When it comes to domestic buildings, mansion weave works well for both contemporary and traditional styles but is best suited in period homes where it can really make a statement.
As for specific spaces, it’s ideal for rooms that are a more unusual, or difficult, shape as it’s a non-directional pattern.

Wherever you choose to fit it, mansion weave looks great and has a timeless appearance that makes it more of a lasting statement than a passing trend - it’s also a brave interior choice that will pay off for years to come.

As you would probably guess, installing a mansion weave is far more difficult than other wood flooring designs which is why it’s best to get an experienced fitter in to do the job.

We can supply and fit mansion weave flooring, as well as all other parquet styles, with our professional hardwood flooring services.
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