Cadbury Natural Wood Flooring Planks

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Cadbury Natural Wood Flooring Planks

Product information

A gorgeous plank that is torched and bandsawn.

Product Specification

Artistry of the flame. A specially designed machine is used to accomplish the torched edges on our floors. This process is repeated to achieve the required result.

As with smoking and fuming the torched process reacts in different ways with the ‘nature that is wood’. Wider grain and knots will not burn as fast as the wood around them, especially if that surrounding grain is closer together.

Whilst the effect will always show variation in finish, the position at which the torches are fixed in the machine is kept constant for consistency of the torching.

This process is only available in our range of plank floors on the long edges, not the short ends.

Choose from Rustic or Prime wood finishes. You can learn more about our natural wood grades and finishes here.

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Cost based on price per meter M2


Delivery times: bespoke made to order 3 - 5 weeks

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